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Zillion 3D is a Wolfenstein 3D mod with characters from the anime Akai Koudan Zillion. This project is entirely non-profit and it was developed with the concept of “fair use” in mind. =]

The intelectual property belongs to Sega/ Tatsunoko (characters, art, music) and the code belongs to id Software . They had no participation in this project.

Check out our own Wiki page:  ^_^


There are 2 Episodes with 10 levels each. Oh, and it's hard as hell. Enjoy! ^_^

You can find maps here: https://zillion3d.wordpress.com/maps/


To play in windowed mode:

1) Right click on Zillion3D_1.1.exe, then choose 'Create shortcut'.
2) Right click the newly created shortcut, then choose 'Properties'
3) Find the field 'Target' on 'Shortcut' tab
4) At the end of the path, you can add any parameter. To play in windowed mode, add --windowed --res X Y, where X and Y are Width and Height.
- Example for resolution 960x600:

"C:\Users\...\Zillion3D_1.1\Zillion3D_1.1.exe" --windowed --res 960 600
Obs: add the new parameters after the quotation marks!

To use cheats:

Follow the instructions for windowed mode, then add --goobers at the end of the path. It will look like this:

"C:\Users\...\Zillion3D_1.1\Zillion3D_1.1.exe"  --windowed --res 960 600 --goobers

Once in game, press 'Left_Shift' + 'Left_Alt' + 'Backspace' to activate cheats.
Once cheats are activated, press:

[Tab] + G - God Mode
[Tab] + I - Free Items
[Tab] + W - Level Select


Red Laser Z -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-


This game later evolved into the standalone Red Laser Z. You  can find it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1532830/Red_Laser_Z/

Here's a short trailer:

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Tags8-Bit, Anime, FPS, Retro, wolfenstein
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Forgot to add the poster to promote

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my name is Juan, www.flynnsarcades.com CEO. I was really impressed with your game "Red Laser Z".
I do not know if you have in mind publishing on Nintendo Switch, if so, please let us know as we would be really interested.
We could offer the possibility to publish it in America, Europe, and even Asia, even hard copies all around the world.

Thank you for your time.
Juan Peralta



Outstanding work! As a zillion and wolf fan this is a pleasure to play!

Thank you! I remember when you told me, a few years ago, about uploading Zillion 3D to itch.io. I've been thinking about it since then. =] What the hell, it's here now. =]]]]]