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Red Laser Z is a retro FPS in the style of Wolfenstein 3D. It is the spiritual successor of Zillion 3D, a Wolf3D mod. (You can check the original Zillion 3D here.)

We updated the demo with some minor improvements and bug fixes. Items are randomized now (thanks to HighPingPlayer for the suggestion)! It still lacks a save system and a map system, meaning you have to go through it old school for now.

All songs by Ozzed. You can find his amazing music at ozzed.net.

Some art by Klaatu. He’s a great professional illustrator and you can commission his cool art here and here!

This is beta version 0.21d. This demo contains 2 levels (around 45-60 minutes gameplay).

* If time freezes after searching something, press 'TAB' to unpause.  *

Minor improvements and bug fixes:

Version 0.21d:

- Apparently, Windows 10 "Smartscreen" was having an issue with the custom icon. Seems to be a Unity thing. So, no custom icon for you.

Version 0.21c:

- Items inside drawers, lockers, and files are now randomized. (Thanks to HighPingPlayer for the suggestion!)
- Dash movement now activates only when running: 'Lshift' + double tap any directional keys ('wasd').
- Doors won't shut in your face anymore (they politely wait till you go away a little).
- Leaning movement ('Q' + 'W/S') doesn't activate when jumping anymore.
- Fixed a bug with the 'ESC' key overlaping pause button.
- Fixed a snag of the mouse pointer when playing in windowed mode.
- Fixed player fall from high platforms.
- Dev team bought a space hamster for the office.
- Project manager gave devs an extra bucket of fish heads.

Specs: core 2 duo onwards, probably...

Move with 'wasd'.

Aim with mouse.

Search with 'e'.

Windows only, so far.

Hitscan Heaven – Only ONE weapon. No bullet sponges. You have the most unfair gun in the galaxy - the Z Gun - which kills everything with ONE bullet.

Precision Shoot – Your laser hits EXACTLY where you aim. No recoil. No statistical bullshit. No mouselook dampening. You aim, you shoot, you destroy.

Tough but Fair Enemies –Using both hitscan and projectile attacks. Each with its own behavior.

Destructible Scene Objects – Almost all objects are destructible, including NPCs. But beware! There’s a penalty system to prevent killer sprees.

Level Design – No linear levels. No random generated levels. Good old level design with sprawling areas (the demo has only 2 levels so far).

Arcade Style FPS – The ONLY items to collect are energy, ammo, and keys. No reload. No fatigue. No regenerating health. No crafting of any kind.

RPG Style Story – Talk with NPCs. Search drawers, lockers, and other objects. Watch cutscenes.

Penalty/Reward System – Gain points killing enemies, lose points killing NPCs and destroying scene objects. Die if your penalty score is too high.

Dash Movement – While running ('left shift'), you can dash in any direction by double tapping ‘WASD’. Use this movement to evade enemies and projectiles.

Look Around Corners – You can look and shoot around corners by holding ‘Q’ then using ‘W’ and ‘S’ to lean left or right. It works great in front of doors.

More information

Published 17 days ago
Tags8-bit, Female Protagonist, FPS, JRPG, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, sega, wolf3d, zillion
LicenseMIT License
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract the zip, then open the executable. =]


RedLaserZ_v0.21d.zip (72 MB)
RedLaserZ_v0.21c.zip (72 MB)

Development log


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Hey I played your demo and loved it . I also did a first impressions video on my YT channel . I hope you like it.

Oh, man, we loved that! Yes, randomized items is probably a better deal! And you found a bug we've never seen before! ahahh Thank you! We'll try to fix that, or else our master won't let us out of the dungeon! *it's dark and scary in here* Oh, by the way, we recommend playing in full screen, so the mouse pointer won't get in the way.  You were recording with a window open, right? Yeah, that's kind Unity's fault, not ours, please don't let the boss find the whip!

Tried the demo and made a video too... Found the red keycard after recording... :)

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Hey, thanks for playing!!! It's funny, I thought the red card was the easiest one to find! ahhahha You know, the grey boxes can be destroyed without any penalty, so there's lots of chests hidden behind them. And I was rooting for you to use 'Q' to look around corners. I was like Obi Wan Kenobi saying "Luke, use 'Q' then 'W/S'" hahahah! Pretty fun to watch!

Hi! You know, after getting penalized quite a few times destroying things (okey, and sometimes killing people) I was focused on not shooting anything except enemies. Using Q is a little odd to me... Initially I was thinking it's a lean - Q & E for left & right, but the mouse movement put me off using it. :)