New stuff, finally

We now proudly have ultrawide support! All menus/HUD were revised with new fonts and resolution.

We also overhauled the whole shooting system: we now have a bonus for one-shot kills and more accurate colliders, meaning you can really aim and hit between the narrowest gaps. This alone added a much-needed accuracy to the shooting mechanics, considering that this is a game built around raycasting. We feel that the shooting is more satisfying than ever!

We also revamped the "Accuracy Ratio" system, meaning we can track "shots on target" much better now so players can reliably reach that elusive 100% Accuracy. That led to a new statistics screen at the end of each level, with a new system for rewarding the player's performance.

Oh, did we mention we have a new weapon? You can now fire the "Blue Laser", a powerful "charge and release" shot that can clear an entire room in a second. It's really fun to use, but also quite challenging, since you can still destroy objects and NPCs alike. But when it works... man, it works good.

There's also a new "reflective wall". Your laser now reflects on black walls like in a mirror. It's fun because... you can kill yourself with it! Ha ha! ... Well, it adds another layer of difficulty. How fun! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Among other little things, we added a new searchable desk where you can also search the screens of the computers. There's some jokes in it... I'm not saying they're good jokes, Brent, but they're jokes nevertheless.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who contacted us regarding final release dates. Your support means the world to us! As we mentioned before, we want to finish the entire game system before building more levels and creating more enemies. We are almost there. Our intention is to have a final product at the end of the year. Hopefully an asteroid won't destroy Earth till then!

See you soon!


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Hell yeah! Worth the wait. Hopefully you guys nail down the gameplay soon. 


Thank you! I think it's a step on the right direction. Too bad it takes sooooo long to do stuff! But we'll get there! =]]]