New checkpoint system!

A major update for our nascent game. We finally found the bug that was freezing the game after searching something. It was a blunder caused by our inexperience. There was a delay of 0.2 seconds between searching and “closing” the message. If you pressed ‘e’ twice too fast in front of an object, time would freeze. It was our fault, so we apologize. So, no more fish heads for the dev team. Now they’ll only eat the eyes of the head. I’ll feed them gooey fish eyes. They’ll learn. 

The good news is that we now have a checkpoint system! It works like this:  Basically, we have "Entanglement Chambers". These chambers print a mindless clone, a back-up body. The chamber then entangles your mind with the brain of the (dormant) clone. When you die, your mind is transported back to the clone's brain.

Funny thing, you can later find your discarded original body where you left it after dying.

You can be transported back 4 times. On the fifth, you die of brain hemorrhage inside your last clone. Pretty cool. The system also resets at every level, so you'll have plenty of tries to finish the levels.

There’s also a new short-range attack. When you ran out of ammo, your laser becomes weak and only extends one meter ahead. So you’re not completely defenseless when you spend all your bullets. Also, we completely eliminated the interval between bullets. It was 0.2 seconds. Now every click shoots a laser. 

We now have a better defined “game over loop”. There are 3 conditions for a game over:

- If you kill 3 civilians (or receive 30 penalty points), you get a game over.

- If you die without making a backup clone, you get a game over.

- If you die 4 times in a level after making a clone, you get a game over. 

And last but not least, the boss is now more forgiving. His first attack only happens after 3 seconds, and his rays disappear quicker.

Thank you all for playing!

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Aug 25, 2017

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