Red Laser Z Update

Devs worked overtime to iron out the first version of our demo. We now have randomized items! Every time you search a drawer, file, or locker you can get three things: ammo, energy, or a nonsensical message! We created a system to randomize the messages when there's no useful items on searchable objects. We combine a random adjective with a random noun, so you get something like this:

 "There's a weird book."; "There's a disgusting mouse.", and so on.

 There's 50 plus adjectives and 50 plus nouns, so you get the idea.

 Unfortunately, no save system so far. It's probably the most requested feature. We're looking into that. Thing is our dev team was stupid enough to not think ahead, so now they are scrambling to come up with a save system. I'm giving them more raw coffee beans as an incentive (the other being no fish heads after midnight until the thing is done).

  Anyway, thanks for everyone who played and gave us suggestions!

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Jul 13, 2017

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